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Peach Perfect Recipes Fundraiser

The NMA Peach Council is a regional branch of the National Management Association (NMA), a professional organization established in 1925 to assist employees in developing important leadership skills and expanding their professional networks. Our Council organizes various annual events, including a speech contest for high school students in grades 9-12, wherein we provide three local area scholarships. Additionally, we are proud to be sponsoring a leadership speech essay competition for middle school students.

For this year, we have put together a cookbook entitled
"Peach Perfect Recipes," which features around 100 recipes of different types, with a special section dedicated to peach recipes. The digital cookbook can be purchased for $4.99 by simply clicking ORDER NOW below, and once we receive your order, we will email your copy of the cookbook to you. All proceeds goes to our Annual High School Speech and Middle School Essay Contest.


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