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Peach Council Presents 2 Gold Knight Awards

Renée Stewart has been a member of the Savannah River Site Leadership Association (SRSLA) chapter since 1992. She has worked tirelessly throughout the years to help mold SRSLA into a vibrant organization. She is a past SRSLA President and interacted with many senior managers throughout her NMA career. She is also a past member of the Peach Council, serving in various officer roles. Her most recent and rewarding role was that of NMA National Director. In this capacity she worked extensively with NMA headquarters on leadership development. Her expertise to envision what the future could be and ability to share that vision, is one of Renée’s strongest talents. Her outstanding leadership and dedication to NMA, the Peach Council, and SRSLA’s success is a testament to her character and demonstrates her commitment. Renée‘s experience and ability to see the “big picture” is a welcome asset to the organization.

Ray Burick has been employed with Lockheed Martin since 1985. Currently, he is the Vice President of AMMM Domestic Programs, where he oversees all C-130, LM-100J, C-5 and P-3 lines of business in Marietta, GA and Greenville, SC. Ray has been a trustworthy advocate and champion of Lockheed Martin Leadership Association (LMLA) and other organizations where he has been very influential in the organizational change for LM Aeronautics. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership by engaging in LMLA’s activities as well as providing mentorship to members. He has hosted many workshops such as First Level Leadership, Book of the Quarter, and other professional workshops for the Greenville and Marietta Chapters. A 2009 NMA Silver Knight recipient, Ray advocates the Culture of Accountability (CoA) in setting firm, clear, and concise expectations for organizations he is involved in. With Ray’s experience, LMLA embraces this culture of change. The Lockheed Martin Leadership Association is well served by his support of the chapter's leadership.

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